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What can a pro copywriter do for you?
I all starts with knowing your business.
Meet John McCoy, Copywriter…
former musician, sailor, finance rep, trainer, Senior HR Professional, and HR technology consultant…and

fly fisherman, gardener, and bumbling handyman

I became a freelance copywriter after a career in HR technology consulting, so HR tech is what I usually write about.

I suppose I could have tried freelance consulting, but I would rather work in my little cave helping you succeed than jump into the spotlight.

So, if you need marketing copy that gets results, I’ll put your success at the top of my agenda:

  • Marketing campaigns that focus on your unique value and deliver a technically correct message tailored to your buyer’s intent.
  • Web content that speaks directly to your buyer’s needs and presents you as the solution—and starts building relationships.
  • SEO magnets that establish you as an authority in your niche.

My work includes services that prepare you to get results:

  • A buyer persona workshop to make sure you target the right buyer at the right time in their journey.
  • Audits that assess your content SEO strengths and gaps, with specific recommendations for improvement.
  • Suggestions for aligning content to your buyer’s intent.

Do you get frustrated because your potential customers can’t find you?

Do you have trouble creating a unique value proposition that resonates with your ideal buyer?

Do people check you out, then buy from a competitor?

Are you retaining the right customers?

I may have the solution ...

... or perhaps I know who does.

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Client Feedback

"John was hired as an subject matter expert and copywriter for a client of ours that specialized in HRIS implementation. He helped to strategize titles and craft content that would engage and educate website visitors for this particular client. The client was very pleased with the tone and style of writing, along with the obvious expertise in the field. He spoke the language well. Our blog posts were engaging and increased traffic month over month, and a a couple years later still bring in net new visitors. The best thing about working with John was his reliability. He never missed a deadline, and was very transparent about timing and managing expectations. If you are thinking about hiring John you won't be disappointed!"
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