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Meet John McCoy, Copywriter…
former musician, sailor, finance rep, trainer, Senior HR Professional, and HR technology consultant…and

fly fisherman, gardener, and bumbling handyman

How Does a Master Chief Musician in the U.S. Navy become a B2B copywriter?

Traveling the world and performing music for presidents, kings, sailors far from home, and people everywhere was a great way to spend a Navy career. But it wasn't until I became a leader that I found my true calling — helping people succeed. The best days were those when someone needed a nudge in the right direction, a new insight, or a little encouragement.

So, When I retired from the Navy, I launched a career in human resources. While most of the work was HR administrivia, it also gave me opportunities to help people from new interns to top executives reach their goals.

I had always been an amateur techie and programmer. One of my first challenges was a healthy relationship between HR and IT, so I learned the IT language and began specializing in HR technology.

I soon became the guy responsible for selecting the right technology, implementing it, and teaching people how to use it.

My HR tech experience led to a new career in as a professional services consultant. I worked with dozens of companies from a regional airline to global retail and pharmaceutical companies.

I have learned what people who market to HR leaders and other business executives want and need. I have learned that results matter, that marketing analytics are essential to success, and that the real test of what I write is how well it performs. My mission is to help you reach your goals.

I have been writing since 2013 — hundreds of blog articles, e-books, white papers, and case studies. I have written dozens of pages of website copy, and all the content for new product launches from the first ad and email campaign to landing pages that closed the deal.

What about you?
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What do you want to do, but just don't have the time?

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Client Feedback

"John was hired as an subject matter expert and copywriter for a client of ours that specialized in HRIS implementation. He helped to strategize titles and craft content that would engage and educate website visitors for this particular client. The client was very pleased with the tone and style of writing, along with the obvious expertise in the field. He spoke the language well. Our blog posts were engaging and increased traffic month over month, and a a couple years later still bring in net new visitors. The best thing about working with John was his reliability. He never missed a deadline, and was very transparent about timing and managing expectations. If you are thinking about hiring John you won't be disappointed!"
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