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Conversational Copywriting

Break through the noise with a conversation that builds trust.

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Web Content Optimization

Get a complete report on how well your web content performs.

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Lead Magnets

Attract your ideal buyers with magnetic content.

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Marketing Campaigns

Let’s plan a sequenced campaign that gets results.

What can a copywriting pro do for you?

It’s easy to find people who want to write for your business.

But finding someone who:

  • understands how your business works,
  • meshes with your content strategy,
  • knows and understands your customers, and
  • persuades prospects to buy …

… takes a well-trained, seasoned professional.

What a Seasoned Professional Will Do

1. Understand your company and your industry.

I write for the HR tech business sector. I’ve had a long career as an HR professional and technology consultant, so it’s what I do best.

I get the pain of a long sales cycle and the need to keep up with technologies …

… and will never stop learning about your products and services.

And … If I don’t think I’m a good fit, I’ll help you find a pro who knows your niche.

2. Understand your customers.

It all starts with your target personas—understanding who your buyers are, what questions they have,  and what keeps them awake at night. I want to know them so I can empathize with what they feel when they see what your services and products can do for them.

If you are new to personas or you haven’t developed them, I will provide a workshop and walk through the process with you.

3. Develop focus keywords.

Your personas help us to generate keywords for each stage in the buyer’s journey, followed by research to find the sweet spot between crushing competition and too little search traffic.

With that research as my guide, I write in a way that persuades your audience to become customers and stay with you long after the first transaction.

4. Write persuasively in the language your customers understand.

I want to hear how you speak with clients when you have a quiet conversation with them about their needs. With that in mind, I write to fit your voice and culture.

My work avoids jargon but not your customers’ insider language.

5. Expand a topic into many formats.

What starts as a blog post can become any or all of these:

5. Understand your marketing analytics and strategy.

Performance matters. Let’s measure and analyze your search traffic, social media triggers, and website user flow to know what works.

To keep your content performing, I watch for changes in how Google handles search results every day.

Then, I work with your technical SEO team to drive organic traffic that saves you advertising costs.

7. Read about marketing techniques, your business sector, your customers, and ways to perfect copywriting …

every day.

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