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By on November 17, 2017

How Hard is Your Website Working?

A successful website is not just attractive graphics, keywords, and persuasive messaging. It is an opportunity for you to invite people into your business and make them feel valued and welcome.

Your website is a virtual conversation between you and your customer. It’s your opportunity to show your visitor who you are and how you will help them achieve their goals.

3 Essentials of Effective Websites

Website content optimization blends three essential elements of effective web marketing into a welcoming experience. Your optimized site will:

  • Make it easy for search engines to help people who need your products or services find you. We do that with keywords and phrases that searchers use, placed where search engines expect to see them.
  • Let your visitors know they are in the right place and provide proof you can and will deliver on your promises.
  • Use conversational messaging and intuitive navigation to guide your visitors to the action you want them to take.

Your marketing content does not stand alone. Just as each plant in your garden needs the proper soil, sunlight, and water, every message requires a supportive environment.

A website audit ensures that all the elements are working together to deliver your site’s full potential.

Get Your Comprehensive Website Content Optimization Report

My website audits examine 40 elements that go into the making of a hard-working site, including

  • headlines and subheadings with high-performing keywords,
  • SEO optimization to draw the right people to your site when it shows up in search results,
  • coordination with social media to generate qualified leads,
  • magnet content like case studies and white papers to build your credibility as an expert in your field, and
  • a one-on-one conversation with each visitor.

You’ll get a detailed report with specific recommendations you can use to build your presence on the web, improve visitor traffic, and increase conversion rates.

Contact me today to see how you can make your website the hardest-working member of your marketing team.