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Use Lead Magnets to Grow Your Pipeline

By on July 14, 2018

lead magnets

One of the best ways to generate leads is lead magnets—content so valuable your prospects will give you their contact info to get it.

Once you establish a relationship, you can then use email and other cost-effective methods to nurture those leads.

The most common lead magnets are ebooks, white papers, webinars, and podcasts, but your magnet can be anything your prospects think is valuable enough that they will provide their information.


An ebook is one of the most cost-effective content types because it can generate leads for years. It usually takes the form of a “how-to” guide or best practices, but it can be about any topic of interest to your prospects and customers.

An ebook should not be heavy reading. It should be easily scannable, with attention-getting graphics and charts. It will usually be a few pages could be much longer.

I can work with your graphic designer to make your ebooks engaging, helpful, and evergreen., or I can team up with one of my design resources.

White Papers

A purpose of a white paper is to use facts and logic to present the solution to a problem, but it may take other forms, such as a research report or a special report on emergent practices or technology. I have seen some white papers as short as four pages, but they can often be much longer.

A white paper establishes you as an authority in your industry niche. One of the most effective ways to structure a white paper is to address a challenge or problem your customers face and present the solution.
Like ebooks, white papers can be effective at capturing leads for a very long time.


I can’t make you a great webinar presenter, but I can help you build a great presentation slide deck. I’ve been creating slide presentations for executives for over 30 years, and the most important thing I can tell you is that expectations have changed.

Today, the focus is on the expertise and presentation skills of the presenter. If you present a webinar by talking through bullet points in a slide deck, your audience will bail out of your webinar and forget about you.

Your slide deck needs to have impact, but it needs only enough text to keep the audience on track. Most of the slides in the presentations I design have little more than a title and a chart or diagram. I put the details in the notes, so your presenter can give your audience the whole story without boring them with text-heavy slides.

Few people will sit through a live webinar. Instead, they will want to watch a recording so they can schedule it when it is convenient. If you record your webinar and tune it up a little, you can create a video resource that will keep on giving for a long time.


Live and recorded audio presentations are snowballing in popularity. They are usually brief presentations on a topic of interest to people in your target audience. Podcasters often have guests who are knowledgeable in the industry.

If you are a new podcaster, I can write scripts or outlines that to you get your feet on the ground.

Save Time and Money by Repurposing Your Lead Magnet

Once you have developed successful content, you can use it in many ways, repeatedly. An ebook can become a webinar, and a webinar can morph into a white paper. A white paper can make a great topic for a podcast. Repurposing can save time and keep on giving long after the original publication or event.

Marketing Collateral for Lead Magnets

The best content in the world will do nothing for you unless your prospects are aware of it and know it has value to them. When I write “gateway” content, I also help you market it. The collateral can will include the following items:

  • Insert ads for blog articles and emails.
  • Social media posts.
  • One or more blog articles on the topic.
  • A landing page that motivates people to register.
  • A “thank you” page with the download link or a calendar meeting.
  • For a download, I provide the landing page for the link.
  • For a scheduled webinar or podcast, I also write your follow-up reminders.

This combination of evergreen content and attention-getting marketing collateral will produce leads for a very long time.

Contact me so we can talk about how lead magnets can help you grow your business.