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Exactly Where is the Next Level?

In my junk mail today, I found yet another hyperventilating email promising to take my business to “the next level.” I regularly scan my junk to see if something I want might be there, then zap the rest.

Today, I was curious. I wanted to know if this emailer had a clue what the next level would be. That term has become one of my pet peeves.

I was disappointed. It appears that this level is somewhere in the never-never land of vague promises.

As best I can, I try to eliminate such fuzzy language from the copy I write (not always successfully). One of my mentors at AWAI hammered into me that a vision of the future state will sell your product or service. If you can create a clear picture in your customer’s mind of what enjoying your product or service will feel like, you are well on your way to closing the deal.

So, whenever you find yourself writing “next level” or any other vague pie-in-the-sky term, I urge you to take a break. If a clear vision isn’t in your notes, do more research. If you’ve done the research, you could try what I do — mow the lawn, trim the hedges, pull weeds, or go fishing. I don’t know about you, but my best writing ideas come when I am not writing.

Whatever your method, I can promise you that if you can create for your prospect or customer the feeling they will have when they do business with you, you will land more business.

This article was first published on my LinkedIn page.

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